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As an energetic expert in email and social media marketing, Vanessa jams every session with countless useful tools, tips and advice in which attendees are able to implement immediately upon leaving one of her events.

Vanessa makes sure that the audience has action items to implement right away so that your event creates real value for your audience members.

Choose one or create a program that consists of several sessions your attendees would value.

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Vanessa showing small business owners how to save time and increase sales all through email funnels.

The Seminars

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Learn the secrets the professionals do to build an incredibly successful email marketing program.

This jam packed session will take you step-by-step through the keys to effective email marketing.

From revealing why regular email doesn’t work, to insider tips and techniques like automated list building tools and the design elements that work, this session will give you the keys to the most effective steps you’ll need to easily build your own successful program.

  • What Email Marketing really is
  • How far it can take your business
  • And the five essential steps EVERY EXPERT email marketer implements to harness the power of the inbox!

Join me as I walk you through the 5 steps it takes to create a powerful, UBER-engaged email list.

As an entrepreneur, you have to follow up with new sales leads, deliver info to new customers and you repeat this process over and over and over again. Am I right?

The good news is, you no longer have to manually do this! I’m going to show you how to create a repeatable process that you can automate, leaving you with THE TIME YOU SO BADLY CRAVE.

I’ll even show you how to grow your list using FREE social media strategies. Steal my secret!

With “60 Ways to Grow Your List”  you’ll leave with ideas and strategies to capture new contacts, grow your list and take action to help move your business forward. Having an interested and qualified list of contacts, that you can stay top of mind with, is vital to every business. Continuing to grow that list is just as important. In this workshop I’ll show you 60 easy ways to grow your contact list today!

What’s covered:

  • Why someone should join your contact list and what’s in it for them
  • How to ask people to join your list “face-to-face”
  • How to use social media to grow your list
  • How to grow your list on your website or blog
  • How to use print material to get people to sign up
  • How to use events to help grow your list
  • How to use incentives and giveaways to grow your list

Ignored – or Engaging? How are your subject lines working – or NOT working – to capture the attention and interest of your audience? This fast-paced seminar will take a deeper dive into the mechanics of truly effective subject lines. I’ll cover:

  • The three keys that make or break your subject line (and how short your window really is..)
  • What works – and what does NOT work – in capturing your readers’ attention
  • Length, brand, urgency and offers – make them work for your subject lines
  • Before and after examples that make it crystal clear how to improve your results

Get their attention – get in the door – and get the response you desire. Whether you are trying to get read, realize revenue, increase your reach or inspire referrals, your subject lines are the key to your success!

It’s no secret Facebook is where people are, and regardless of what you might have heard, Facebook is not going anywhere. For most brands, establishing a presence on Facebook is a must. In this jam-packed seminar I will show you how to run a Facebook promotion that will not only drive engagement, action and social sharing, but will also increase your sales leads!

In this session you’ll learn:

  • A step by step process on how to run a Facebook Promotion
  • How to rapidly Grow Your Email list using Facebook
  • Tips on how to increase your Engagement
  • Tips on how to Easily advertise on Facebook

Part I – How to Build a Stunning LinkedIn Profile for Sales Prospecting

With more than over 300 million users doing serious business via LinkedIn on a daily basis, you would be hard-pressed to get their attention without a LinkedIn profile that mirrors your interest in conducting serious business as well. Your profile speaks volumes of why you’re on LinkedIn. I will show you how to strategically set up your LinkedIn profile so that your perfect clientele can easily find you and more importantly will want to do business with you!

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Determine your personal brand and key words
  • How to highlight your experience, skills and expertise to do business NOT to find a job
  • Develop a killer summary that will speak to your target market and lead them to you
  • How to build a Multimedia profile so that you stand out from the rest

Part II – Effective Ways for Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting

Savvy business people are increasingly using LinkedIn as a primary source for new leads, new clients and tangible revenue. In fact, for B2B companies, LinkedIn is a critical tool that can make your sales prospecting faster, smoother and, ultimately…more profitable!

In this second session, you’ll learn:

  • How to get traffic from LinkedIn
  • How to Find, Engage, and Convert Prospects on LinkedIn
  • Why LinkedIn Groups are a Virtual Goldmine
  • Keys to Successful List Building with LinkedIn Groups


“Vanessa helped us train small business owners to grow their expertise in Facebook and LinkedIn. She provided training to three packed sessions and the ratings were outstanding! She delivered an overview as well as in depth training that enabled our clients to get to the next level in their Social Media experience. Thanks Vanessa.”
John Benton
“I had the good fortune to find Vanessa and have worked with her on three seminars covering Facebook, Email Automation and LinkedIn. We have a formal evaluation process developed by surveying our workshop attendees. Vanessa consistently receives exceptional scores on quality of content, knowledge of and delivery of the material and interaction with the clients.She’s a delight to work with and a skilled professional in the social media universe.”
Tom Drouin
“Vanessa has been a speaker at the Small Business Development Center at Harper multiple times, including a two-part special session on LinkedIn Strategies for Businesses. We love her! Her presentations are full of great content – lots of explanations, executable tips, and ideas backed up with real examples. We receive outstanding reviews from the class participants. She is very knowledgeable about social media, and email marketing, and she conveys her knowledge in a fun, warm and approachable way. If you are looking for a fun speaker – or someone to help you with your social media – I recommend talking to Vanessa!”
Joan Dubnicka