I’m curious. When you checked your email today, which of the hundreds of emails did you open and why?

When I checked my email today, there were some emails I couldn’t wait to read and others I unsubscribed from or made a mental note to do so later.

So what’s the secret sauce? How do you get your readers to crave your emails? First, stop thinking of all of your emails as promotional emails. Rather, think of your emails as a way to have a conversation with someone who is interested in what you do. Keep it simple. Once you change that mindset, the rest is easy.

This is how you create an UBER-RESPONSIVE email list.

Segment Your List Based On Their Interest In You

You can no longer send out “a blast email” to one list and think they’ll respond to what you’re sending them. The key to creating a responsive email list is making sure you send them content they want…crave even. How do you find this out? Have them segment themselves from the start! You write a blog about Instagram? Include additional content they can download (or opt-in to receive via email) about Instagram directly from that blog. You now know that that list is interested in Instagram. Someone lands on your website, offer them an opt-in on your expertise. Say you’re a Chef, and maybe in the summer months you offer a How to Grill An Incredible Summer Salmon Your Guests Won’t Forget. Those who opt-in to receive that guide you now know are grillers.

Pay Attention To What Your Readers Want

Pay attention to what they are asking on social media, or ask them directly through a simple survey, see what your competitors are doing and join forums where your audience hangs out. A smart marketer already knows what their audience wants before they send out a campaign.

Let Your Personality Shine

We all recognize a standout email when we get one, because it sounds as if it was written just for you. Rather than sending out the same salesy type of email time and time again. Write the email as if you were speaking to one person, rather than to an audience. People want to do business with other people. People that they like, that they trust. Put your personality into it. When you write your next email, write it as if you were talking to one person.

There’s Got To Be A Reason

Many of my clients tell me, I NEED to send out an email because I haven’t sent anything in the past 3 months. If this is why you’re sending out an email, you don’t understand email marketing. Each and every email that you send out should have a specific objective you can properly measure. Answer the question “Why am I sending this email?” before even beginning to write the email. Why am I sending this campaign out? What specifically do I want my reader to do? Be very clear in your call to action. Keep it simple. Remember a confused reader will not take any action, no matter what.

Your customers and potential customers may not require your products and or services right now, however, when your consistent with your communication efforts, you’re positioning yourself as the expert in your field, so that when they do need you, you’re already present within their mind…and in their inbox!

Side Note: Consistent does not mean for you to send out just promotional emails. Consistency requires for you to remain consistent in your desire to serve. Don’t send out just promotional emails, don’t over email, and definitely don’t send content they did not ask for. Send out useful information your audience will appreciate. For example if you’re a carpet cleaner, you can send out an email that includes tips on how to remove wine from your carpet. The more helpful you are, the more your readers would appreciate doing business with you.

Create Subject Lines That Scream OPEN ME

You do not have to be a creative writer to create an irresistible subject line. All you have to do is BE HONEST. Tell your readers exactly what they can expect to read once they open your email. If you’re writing based off of what your readers are asking for, then your audience will already be inclined to open your emails.

Side Note: If you need something to inspire you, take a look at the subject lines in your own inbox.

Put Your Emails On Autopilot

Have you ever joined an email list in hopes of receiving something and then…got noth’n. You then received an email from them a few weeks later. By that time you had completely forgotten who they were and why you signed up!? Plese don’t do this to your readers. Never is a person’s interest in you higher than when they opt-in to your list. You want an uber-engaged audience? Then you need to keep their attention the minute they opt-in. They should receive some sort of welcome series immediately after opting-in. Learn more on Why You Should Automate Your Emails

Use Your Click-Through Report

A monster part of your email marketing plan needs to be result-oriented. Don’t just look at your reports and say eh ok I got a 30% open rate and a 6% click through rate. Use this information to your advantage. Make a brand new list of the people who clicked on a specific link in your last email. Those are your hot leads! For example, I did a blog about top 10 ways to get targeted twitter followers. I included only 3 of the tips within my email and provided a link to the full blog. When I went back to look at my report, I had a total of 60+ people click on that link. That told me that those 60+ people were interested in twitter. So I created a new list just of those 60 people and sent them a special 20% off twitter training. I snagged 7 new clients. Booya!

Focus On The Relationship Before “The Ask”

Build a relationship with your readers before you even ask them for anything. You need to prove yourself first, communicate to them that you are here to HELP, not to land another sale/client. How do you do this? Give tons of valuable information for FREE (remember that wine stain?). Tell them success stories, include your customers within your stories (testimonials), all to build trust. So when the time comes for your readers to choose a business, you’ve already created trust with them.

Create Promotions Based On Your Reader’s Needs & Wants

Because you’re now listening to your readers, and you know exactly what they want or what they’re struggling with; it should be pretty easy to create a promotion your customers will crave and UBER-RESPOND to. Ya feel me?