The Email Empire™

What if I offered you $44.00 in exchange for $1.00? Would you take that deal? 

Email marketing isn’t a trend–it’s here to stay. Why? Because for every $1 you invest in email marketing you'll get (on average) a $44 return on that investment. This is what email marketing has brought to the table for decades!

But I'm going to guess that you've probably uttered... 

“What the heck am I going to say to my list this week?”

“I hate writing emails.”

“I just don’t know what to say.”

“Email marketing doesn’t work for me.” 

“I have writer’s block.” 

“I can’t write about THAT yet again.”

“Forget it. Funnels are too complicated.”

“I’m allergic emails.”

Sound familiar? Wouldn't life be easier if you just had somewhere – OMG, anywhere–to go for email strategy support?  

Boo boo: That place exists!

Introducing The Email Empire™

THE place to be for EVERYTHING email marketing and more

(cue the angels singing)

It’s time to stop cursing at that blinking cursor... And get the support you need to make your emails–and that cash-money…flow

Is this a shitty subject line? What are some other options?

How can I get these people to open and BUY?!

How often should I be emailing my list?

How do I automate my emails?

What should my opt-in be?

….And literally anything else you need to know to come up with compelling, creative content that doesn’t bore your readers to tears or confuse them into clicking away–on a consistent basis ($$$). 

Bounce your email ideas off other people & get a truckload of fresh ones in return when you get stuck. 

Get expert, tested-and-proven advice on email marketing essentials like writing compelling calls to action & killer subject lines.

The Email Empire™ is a poppin’ online community, membership & mentorship for entrepreneurs & marketing mavens like you who want to write bomb emails for your business week after week–without (wanting to) violently bang your head on your desk or shell out thousands for some fancy pants email system you DON’T NEED.

GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! A private mentorship from an award winning email marketing strategist (That’s me, Vanessa Cabrera) instant access to a Facebook community–aka an entire entourage of email-obsessed entrepreneurs, whose expertise, smarts & sass you can tap into 24/7.

Grappling with subject lines or a sales funnel strategy? The Email Empire™ has you covered. Stuck on calls to action or content calendars, the Email Empire™ is your one-stop-shop for fresh ideas. Looking for stellar support and expert feedback on everything email marketing, including one-on-one copy reviews from yours truly? The Email Empire™ has gotchoo boo!

Write emails that don’t suck so that when Monday morning rolls around, you no longer dread working on that email. 


Get hyped-as-hell to write because you finally have an (expert-approved) plan of attack-on how to cash-in via email!


Hop in The Email Empire™ & you’re likely to catch me cracking jokes, shelling out marketing secrets or maybe even doing an on-the-spot copy review via Facebook Live! 

This will be your go-to place you can turn to, before, during, and after you create your email campaigns.

As a VIP Email Empire™ member, you also receive unlimited email access to me Monday-Friday for personalized email reviews and assessment or for whatever your stuck on. Just shoot me your drafts & I’ll (quickly) get down-and-dirty on what you should switch, ditch & save.

Here’s what you get when you enter The Email Empire™ 

  • STEAL MY EMAIL SCRIPTS! Get access to the Ultimate Email Automation Package, generate quality leads, free up your time and increase sales when you snag all 5 OF MY FUNNELS. The Package includes a welcome funnel, a nurture funnel, a re-engagement funnel, a product launch funnel and a webinar funnel (value $397) 
  • Access to The Email Empire private Facebook Group, where all the rad shit happens. Join us & you’ll get instant access to this inspiring, hella-fun community. Pop in regularly to receive endless ideas for fresh content & ask me & the group your most burning email marketing Q’s–and get a response almost immediately. 
  • Fun Facebook Livestreams with me covering everything from knockout subject lines to killer calls to actions to creating the perfect opt-ins to the latest tools, tips and resources I’m loving (& actually using).
  • Unlimited email access to me Monday – Friday (value legit priceless!)

Your 6-month investment (ticket to the party) for The Email Empire™ is just $850.

Mad love for Vanessa & The Email Empire™

We were new to email marketing and social media, and Vanessa was so patient with us and walked us through what we needed to know. The email marketing strategies she taught us has made a HUGE difference in our business. We started making money with our emails for a change. And she made us feel like we could really do this...and we are!! You will not be making a mistake in working with Vanessa, in fact it's an absolute must.

Joanne Nusbaum 

As a 25-year marketing veteran, I've learned to develop a trusted network of experts to help me and my clients execute my marketing strategies. I recently launched a webinar series for a client, and when I realized I had no idea what I was doing, Vanessa was the first person I called. She turn-keyed our first webinar, where we had over 100 attendees! She helped us design our email funnel and directed our follow-up strategy. She made it super simple and guided us every step of the way. The client was absolutely thrilled and I'm a hero. What more can I say. If you need to level up your email, social or webinar marketing strategy, do yourself a favor, hire Vanessa.

Bob Cooney

There was a serious lack of places entrepreneurs and marketing mavens alike could go to talk email. So, I created one. 

An online space all about email that would truly take the pain & agony out of coming up with creative content, week after week after week, to ultimately bring in that constant cash flow that every small business hustles to make…

Why do you need this in your life?

I’ve been working in the field for 20 years (so basically since it was invented), and while new tools, systems & things like automation (hell yeah!) breathe new life into the scene, email marketing really hasn’t changed much. Except now, with social media in the mix, there's a hell of a lot more money to be made!

Bottom line; the bitch is STILL queen.

Join me, and learn how to cash in on your brilliance! Create emails that actually get opened, get read and that bring in the money honey.

Mad love for Vanessa & The Email Empire™

Vanessa is one the most valuable persons I have met. A very passionate person who's very experienced, professional, goal-orientated, ambitious, and highly motivated. She understands social media and email marketing like no one else. She was instrumental and valuable in increasing our company and product awareness to our customers. She is very responsive with great ideas. She knows how to drive email campaigns!!! High high highly recommend working with Vanessa.

Chip Hysler 

Vanessa's creativity has really upped my email marketing game and I literally get responses from my readers telling me what a "marketing genius" I am when they read my emails, of course I take the credit full well knowing it's ALL Vanessa. You can only increase your business working with her!

Constance Contursi Barker

Why go it alone when you could get there FASTER with an email marketing strategist who’s been rocking email for two decades solid, PLUS an entire community of people who feel your pain, and want to help.

I don’t want you to see this page again 6 months from now and still hate writing your friggin emails and mak'n no money.

Do yourself a solid & just get your ass in here.

End the “What the hell am I going to write?” war once and for all.

Mad love for Vanessa & The Email Empire™

If there's one person you want in your support corner when it comes to email marketing it's Vanessa. Not only because she comes with a plethora of ideas and strategies to help you reach a successful place, but because she's a "bad-ass boss" herself. She lights a fire under you to get you mov'n and grov'n. She is a professional with a Friday happy-hour personality that you won't find with anyone else.

Anita Myers

My 1:1 VIP power sessions with Vanessa lived up to its name. The email tips and tricks she shared during our time together served as a powerful reminder to me that the sky's the limit where my burgeoning business is concerned. I came away feeling refreshed, excited and ready to take action! So much so I banged out her 5-day welcome funnel in 2 days!! Thank you Vanessa for keeping it real!

Quin Brewington


Can I cancel?


Do I need a specific tool or system to join? 

You'll need to be using some sort of email service provider. But if you don't have one. No sweat, I'll hook you up. It’s a common misconception that you need expensive, complicated email service providers in place. You can keep that shit simple, and still make big money.  

I promise: You don’t need friggin Infusionsoft or as I call it Confusionsoft

WTF is a membership AND mentorship?

It’s a membership because it’s a community and it’s a mentorship ‘cause I’m right by your side the way whole way. Oh, and don’t forget about the whole “unlimited email access” thing. But to keep it simple for you, this is my 1:1 consulting program. This is how you can throw down with me one-on-one baby to talk SERIOUS STRATIEGY take action AND hold yourself accountable, cause I'm gonna make you work!

Do I have to sign up for six months? 

Yes, dear. After working 1:1 with so many of my clients, I found 6 months to be the sweet spot in really getting the momentum going in making that money honey. After 6 months, we can talk shop about monthly access.

Do I really get unlimited email access to you to review my emails? 

Yes ma’am/sir! ;). Here’s the deal. When you become VIP with me that the party begins (I consider it your backstage pass), I’ll do a complete email audit for up to 3 emails a month, PLUS anything and everything you want me to review when implementing your strategy...sales pages, opt-ins, funnels, social media posts, videos. It goes deeper than just emails. It always does ;)

I already send a weekly newsletter. Is this right for me?

First, hats off! Sending consistent weekly campaigns aint easy. But boo boo, are you getting results from that weekly newsletter? Meaning are you making $$?

The truth is, everybody & their mother has a newsletter. That ain't enough. You have to make sure that what you’re sending is relevant, that it’s fresh…interesting. And you have to make sure it gets opened and bringing in the dolla billz.

We cover all of this extensively and so much more in the Email Empire™ –so unless you’ve got a 100% open rate & you’re sold out until 2020, the answer is hell yes this is right for you!

The Email Empire™ VIP

6 Month Program

  • Includes my Email Automation Made Easy Program - Click HERE to see all 5 of my funnels you'll receive with this program!
  • Acccess to the Facebook Membership Group
  • Access to guest experts such as copywriters who can help you craft your message
  • UNLIMITED email access M-F (because we all need a weekend!)
  • A 60 minute VIP session or 2 30 minute sessions with me a month to talk SERIOUS strategy
  • Get the Email Empresse's eyes on your emails I'll conduct up to 3 complete email reviews and assessments a month. (value $99/email). Plus I'll review any content you wish, sales pages, videos, courses to make sure it's aligned with your strategy


Pay in full $4800 and save $300 or

6 Payments of $850

Still not sure if the Email Empire™ is right for you?

Email and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.