I have a confession.

As a professional email marketer for over 15 years, I just started using email automation within my own business model. GASP! NO! WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY? OMG! I know I know, the truth hurts, and there you have it. There are several reasons why it took me so long to make the jump. Would it really work? Would my readers respond? Would my emails become impersonal…cold even? And lastly, truth be told, I procrastinated. I knew it would take a bit of work (up front), and I kept putting it off.

I had become my worst nightmare of a client come to life. But now that I finally took the time to create these funnels and incorporate them into my marketing plan (as well as help my clients do the same for their businesses), I can honestly say…holly crap! Why…Why….Why  Did I Wait So Long!?

Here is what I learned and know to be true.


I want you to take a step back, and think about all the “marketing” email campaigns you send out on a weekly or even on a monthly basis. Say it be an email that explains what you do and or your company, a thank you email, a welcome email, a follow up email. Perhaps your business sends out happy birthday emails, anniversary emails, reminder emails. As a business, we all pretty much send out the same emails over and over AND over again. So why recreate the wheel every single time?

When you create an automated email or a series of emails (aka funnels), the work is D.O.N.E. You’ll create these emails once, schedule them to go out in the order and schedule of your choice, and the next time someone either opts-in to your list OR you manually add them to your database they’ll get these emails. So rather than creating these same emails over and over again, all you have to do is add a new person to your database, and vwa-la, those emails will go out automatically!


Did you know…NEVER is a prospect’s interest in your business higher than when they join your mailing list? Whether they join via your website, a landing page, your Facebook page/group, LinkedIn profile or Instagram, that prospect wants more information on your company. How long do they have to wait to get it? Answer, they shouldn’t have to wait at all! Your “welcome email” should arrive immediately after they join. BAM – thank you for your interest in ABC company, and here’s how we’re going to make your life easier…etc.

There is no way you could manually send an email to all of your website leads the second they come in. What if someone opts-in to your list at 3am? With all the different online tools that offers the ability to automate your emails, you simply can’t afford not to communicate with your potential customers when their interest in you is at it’s PEAK.


Gone are the days where you send out a “blast” email to one list. Today, email marketing is about sending out content your readers want to receive. So how do you know what information they’re craving? Let them tell you. When you create your sign up form, provide them with different interest based lists to choose from. For example, if you own a Spa, you probably offer many different services. How about if they could join lists called:

  • Mani/Pedime Please
  • Massages Made For You
  • Hair to the L.O. Hello!


#truestory. I offer one-on-one training to individuals on how to grow their business via LinkedIn. After our session, I send them a follow up email with two guides of everything we covered, some action items, and how to contact me. I had to write this same email over and over again, and then I just started copying and pasting the content and changing their name (sound familiar)? This past year, I really went to work. I created a 6-part email series that each of my trainees would receive, in the sequence I chose that offered an insane amount of content all about LinkedIn. My objective was for them to consider working with me again on setting up an email marketing program . EUREEKA!!! I got more than half of my trainees as returning clients.

Here’s a snippet of what that funnel looks like:

So how do you create these time saving money making funnels?

Here’s a quick checklist to help you get started:

  • You’ll need a 3rd party Email Marketing Service Provider, like a Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber etc.
  • You’ll need a place for your potential clients to join your mailing list. This can be a join my list box on your website, or an opt-in offer to entice them even more. You can find a guide I offer on how to grow your list within this blog How to Create an UBER-RESPONSIVE List
  • You’ll need to decide what type of funnel you’re creating. Now there’s a TON out there. But I suggest you first start with the indoctrination funnel. The funnel that introduces you to your potential customers. Think of the conversation you have with someone when they ask you, what do you do?
  • Do the work. Sitting down to actually write these emails and knowing what to say in each one is where people get stuck. It’s where I got stuck. Which is exactly why I wrote the 7 simple ideas to create your first automated email. It gives you an idea of all the ways you can automate some of your emails that I promise will get your creative juices a flow’n on what to say in your funnels.

If you’re still struggling with…

What to say in these automated emails or how to even create an automated email funnel then I have the perfect opportunity for you!

Want to learn how to re-create my proven Money Making 5-Day Welcome Funnel?

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You’ve heard the term, work smart not hard. That’s EXACTLY what email automation brings to the table. A smarter way to implement an effective email marketing program. Note, email automation can’t and shouldn’t replace all of your email marketing campaigns, like your monthly or quarterly newsletters. But the sky is the limit on all the ways you can implement an insanely effective email program that runs on AUTOPILOT.